Studio IVL Classes

We offer a variety of class options to accommodate however you prefer to get your sweat on.

Barre N Burn

Takes Barre to a whole new level of toning! It's created to focus specific muscle groups, so you can really zone in and feel the burn! Body weight or add light to medium resistance training and dance elements in a high-rep count for lean, tone muscle.


Cardio Fuse

Blends aerobics, kickboxing, plyometrics, and resistance training and core for a full body work out. Come let the music help push you to new limits!


Dance Club

A party for the heart, mind, body, and soul. Easy-to-follow choreography combined with the hottest dance club hits, it's sure to become your newest addiction. No dance experience is needed, but be prepared to burn a ridiculous amount of calories.


Dance Funk

A dance-cardio class with sass! Our bodies were made to move and groove – we use easy to follow choreography and popular music to keep you motivated, moving, and having fun! Dance Funk is for everyone. Come to the class and feel the funk!


High Fitness

Body sculpting Fun! Easy-to-follow, choreographed interval training that alternates between intense cardio peaks and toning tracks.


Strength + Sculpt

High Intensity Interval Training combines cardio and strength-training exercises to improve your athletic performance and strengthen your body.



Strong emphasis on proper form, this class will teach you the basic movements of weight training, while keeping things challenging and interactive!


Muscle Max

This low-impact strength based workout hits every major muscle group, using a variety of equipment.



This low-impact class concentrates on length, postural alignment, muscle balance, strength with an emphasis on core.



Choreographed routines on the step, combine this with push ups and hand weight exercises, you will leave feeling uplifted and wanting more.


Super Shred

Hit all muscle groups with super sets and plyometric moves. You will love this total body Shred.


Surge Fit

Energizing HIIT workout with fun cardio tracks intertwined with high-rep strength training tracks will that shape and tone your body.


Total Body Strength

Total body strength training workout using dumbbells. You don't want to miss the 15 minute core blast at the end.