Birth Story

August 12th was the best day EVER!!! It started out as any normal day. I got up at 8 am, took a shower and headed to the hospital with Taylor to have a routine ultrasound. (I had been going in twice a week since week 33 to have an ultrasound because I had low amniotic fluid and if the fluid gets to low then they have to take the baby.) We got to the hospital and they started doing my ultrasound, the tech started looking concerned and said that my fluid was looking really low and that she needed to get a second opinion. So we went to another room with a different tech and she started doing another ultrasound with more high tech equipment. Again, the fluid looked really low... so she called in a specialist who came in to give a third opinion. The specialist looked at me and said, "you are having a baby today!!!" Taylor and I looked at each other in shock! We could not believe that we were going to meet our precious little girl so soon!!! I was scared that I was only 37 weeks along but I was secretly excited to hold my little girl. I asked if I could go home and pack my stuff and they started to laugh and said, "heck no, you need to get checked in and we need to start monitoring the baby." I quickly called my Mom, Dad, and Rachel. They were all so excited and rushed down to the hospital.
I was all hooked up to my monitors around 11:00 am, my family arrived at the hospital about 1:00 p.m. Shortly thereafter I had my epidural. Because of the low fluid and because the baby was breech I had to get a c-section. It was the most surreal experience I have ever been through. Taylor gave me a kiss and the nurses and Doctors started wheeling me off into the operating room. I was SOOO nervous, but Taylor kept talking to me and that made me feel so much better to have him right there. I kept telling the Dr. to up my dosage for the epidural because I didn't want to feel the knife cutting me. That was a huge mistake because they numbed me so much that I felt like I couldn't breathe, and I felt like I was going to have a panic attack! So i asked for oxygen and soon I felt calm. I was so loopy and out of it that I don't remember much, but about fifteen minutes later they pulled the baby out and I saw her for the first time. I could not believe that my baby girl was here! They whisked her away with Taylor and cleaned her up. They then brought her to me maybe for a minute or two and I remember that she smelled so good and I just wanted to hold her. She was the most beautiful bundle of love I have ever seen, and I couldn't believe she was mine.
After that, they took her up to the NICU because she had low blood sugar and had fluid stuck in her lungs. I was getting so antsy and anxious to hold her. The nurses kept telling me that they would bring her in twenty more minutes but that ended up turning into around 4 hours. At 11:00 pm they finally brought her to me and I got to hold her for the first time. It was AMAZING. I instantly fell in love her. Taylor and I feel so blessed to have little Capri in our lives.
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