Family Pictures: Outfit Inspo + Helpful Tips

Family pictures really are one of those love/hate things. The final product is priceless and amazing, even when someone doesn’t smile. The process to getting there, however, can be so stressful, so I thought I would share some outfit inspiration and tips on what I think are some helpful ways to make family pictures as cute and stress-free as possible!

Here are a few tips I have gathered from my experience and asking my photographer friends when shooting family pics:

-Feed the kids - Make sure they are fed beforehand, and bring treats and candy to during so you can bribe them to smile and sit still.

-Take group photos first - While you still have everyone’s attention, get as many full family photos out of the way as you can. Then move on to individual shots.

-Prepare the family ahead of time - Start mentally preparing everyone a couple days before the shoot. Let them know you will be having family pictures, and that the sooner they smile really nice, the sooner they will be done, etc.

-Try on outfits beforehand - there’s nothing worse than having a kid not fit into their outfit the day of the shoot, and then having to scramble to find another option. Avoid this by having them try it on well before the actual shoot.

I would love to hear any other tips other have found useful, share them in the comments below!

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