Race Weekend

This weekend was the big race! We do this race every year as a family and it's something we always look forward to! This year I somehow completely forgot and didn't sign up until the day before. I hadn't been running a ton and definitely was not training with the intention to run this race. Lately, my workout routine has consisted of gym classes and hiking, so I decided to just do the 10k. No reason to go get myself hurt, right!? My hubby on the other hand, was not so smart haha! He had knee surgery about 5 months ago and has not gotten back into running since. He heard that I was running the 10k and then randomly decided to show me up by run the HALF MARATHON, he literally signed up the day before the race! I tried to talk him out of it, and now he is paying the price. Watching him limp around the house is evidence that it probably wasn't the best idea:) My time wasn't the best, but it has definitely got me motivated to start running more consistently. We are going to do a couple more 10k's and half marathons this summer. I will keep you all updated, because (1) hopefully it is somewhat interesting and (2) that will give me the added pressure to follow through on my goals haha! I got A LOT of questions about the shoes I like the best for running. I LOVE my Saucony Kinvaras. I just got the 7's the night before the race and had zero issues, they felt great! I normally wear a size 8, but running shoes are not heels, so I move up to a 9.5 to save my toes and the ability to wear sandals during the summer. Also, I know this sounds crazy, but socks are just as important as your shoes and these are my very favorite pair. I only wear them if I am doing a long run or doing a race, but they really do make a big difference for your feet!
IMG_2439 IMG_2508 Outfit details: top, bra, shorts, shoes, my favorite socks for running  IMG_2404 My outfit details: J.Crew dress, Rebecca Minkoff sandals, Celine bag (similar here), Celine sunglasses (similar here) I wore this outfit to our family dinner the night before the race. I think its almost sold out so hurry and get yours! It's SO perfect for summer!

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