Big Announcement

Hello everyone! Today caps off what has been an exciting month for our little, and now growing family. We are excited to announce the pending arrival of TWO new members to the Jackson family!!! We could not be more excited and anxious at the same time. Just when I thought I had this whole thing down, I am now recognizing that I have never done two at the same time! It is safe to say that the coming year will be nothing short of an incredible adventure!
The infertility process lasted about 18 months, and I enjoyed sharing some of the details throughout these later stages and connecting with so many amazing women who had been or were in my same shoes. It was a struggle that at one point I was unable to understand but now am all too familiar with, and while we are not out of the woods yet at just 8 weeks, we are all encouraged by what we know. For all those who are interested, below is a short review of the last month's events.
Just three days after the embryo transfer I took an at-home pregnancy test on a whim, thinking there was a very low probability that anything would show up, but then I saw the faintest of positive line imaginable. I was absolutely shocked! I was so accustomed to seeing a negative result, so I stared at it for the longest time thinking "wow! this one must be broken cuz I have seen so many of these tests and they are not supposed to do this, are they?" Naturally, this led me to take a test every day for a week straight to confirm my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.
Ten days after my embryo transfer came the blood tests for bulletproof confirmation that things were trending in the right direction. The nurse called with the results and said "...well, your HCG is at 540 so you are definitely pregnant!" The following week was the second test and the first indication that more than one bundle of joy may be on his/her way because my levels were super high up around 10,800! There was a brief panic at the slight possibility of triplets, but my more logical (and math loving) husband of mine was quick to point out the very low probability of that happening. I would have loved all three even if it were the case, but that might have been a little too much joy at one time!
Between my second blood test and seven week ultrasound there was a brief scare. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was doing my makeup when I suddenly started to bleed, not spotting, it was much heavier and lasted several hours. After speaking with my doctors, I was told that there was not much to do other than wait for my seven week ultrasound that at the time was still 10 days away. I'm not sure why we so vividly remember certain events in life, it could be adrenaline or something more, but that Saturday afternoon and then the ultrasound that followed telling me everything was okay are two that I will never forget!
I am so happy to share this news with you all today! It's almost as if the more I say it out loud, the more of a reality it all becomes. I will give updates from time to time, but the daily updates will likely come from a growing bump accompanying each of my outfits. This is going to be a great year for the Jackson family!
Photography by Paige Nicolle.
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