Studio IVL Sneak Peek

Happy Workout Wednesday! Who saw my sneak peek on Instagram last week? In case you missed it, I am preparing to launch Studio IVL. A boutique, one-of-a-kind studio space in Utah offering group classes in-person and online. It won't be launching for a bit but I can guarantee it will be worth the wait! I wanted the space to be inspirational and beautiful, so of course I had to work with the very talented Jaimee Rose Interiors to make my vision a reality. Below are some renderings of what the space will look like. I can't wait to show you more the closer we get to launch.
Now, while we are waiting for Studio IVL to open, that doesn't mean we can't start working out together in a different way. You all have been requesting a certain something for forever and it's finally launching! Make sure you sign up for IVL Collective's email and text list to get early access on Monday the 9th to an exciting new workout product and a brand new gorgeous fitness set!
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