Next up in our Q&A Wellness Series is Kira Jones. Kira is a Wellness Entrepreneur and the founder of Cacti Wellness, a productive wellness platform & app that houses workouts, meditations and productivity workshops – made for ambitious, high-performing women who value the importance of taking care of their body and mind.


Q: What do you love most about being a wellness entrepreneur?

I love building a business in the wellness industry because I’m able to grind (I truly love to work), but so much of my job also involves trying, implementing, and teaching wellness practices. So, it’s almost like forced balance at times! Also, I love the people who I’ve met through this industry, especially in New York.

Q: How do you wind down at night? 

I believe the key to a great morning routine is focusing on your nighttime routine. It’s so underrated! My non-negotiables are putting my phone away at least 30-minutes before I go to bed, red light in my lamps, reading, and keeping the room nice and cool (~66 degrees). I track my sleep with my @ouraring and also love to take a @lemme sleep as a sleep aid if I feel like I need it!

Q: In your opinion, what’s the next big wellness trend?

Productive Wellness! This is what my business, @cactiwellness, is all about. There’s such a correlation between taking care of yourself and being a high-performer in other areas of your life. I think, as a society, we’re coming to this intersection between hustle culture and self care and “productive wellness” is going to take over! Some simple examples include breathwork in the morning to prime you for your work day and/or after workouts that strengthen your posterior chain and correct your posture from sitting all day!

Q: Favorite personal wellness hack?

Cold plunging! Immediate energy boost and it feels like the “hardest” thing of my day. Love to do it before work.

Q: Favorite cheat meal?

I eat intuitively, so I don’t consider it “cheating” per say. But, when it comes to eating foods with zero nutritional value, I love a Shake Shack burger and chocolate milkshake!

Q: 3 daily non-negotiables?

Coffee, gratitude list, movement (even just a 20-minute walk)

Q: Most-loved IVL style?

The V-Neck bra! It’s SO flattering. Also, any of the fleeces – I love to be cozy.

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