TRAINERS WE LOVE | Q&A Wellness Series with @gracefreyrefit

Next up in our Q&A Wellness Series is Grace Freyre Fit. Grace is an NYC-based fitness trainer and teaches virtual & private sessions at the Sotomethod. Her energy is contagious and her workouts leave you feeling SO empowered. Find out what Grace’s favorite wellness hack is, her daily non-negotiables, and what everyone really wants to know – her go-to cheat meal (it’s a good one).


Q: What do you love most about being a fitness instructor?

Connecting with clients. There is no better feeling than understanding someone's fitness, personal and professional goals and helping them in their journey to achieve whatever those aspirations may be. I simply adore my clients and I wouldn't be where I am without them. They make getting up early and working late SO worth it. Everything comes down to the people and energy you surround yourself with!

 Q: What’s a common misconception about the wellness community?

One misconception is that the wellness community only does their modality of wellness! There is SO much collaboration and cross functional work in the space. Some of my closest friends are other fitness professionals- and we LOVE taking each other's classes and cheering each other on. Of course I predominantly do my workouts, but it's such a treat to take a KKSWEAT, DanceBody, Sculpt Society or CorePower class.

Q: In your opinion, what’s the next big wellness trend?

Intuitive EVERYTHING. Intuitive moving, intuitive eating and intuitive sleeping. I think we have gotten so caught up in technology and social media and as humans we need to come back to our innate intuition. We have feelings and urges that truly guide us, you just have to take the time to listen to them. I think we have seen this massive shift in intuitive eating already – and intuitive movement, sleeping and mindfulness practices are going to follow suit. 

Q: Favorite personal wellness hack?

PROTEIN!!! I always have protein ready to go in my fridge. You'll never see my fridge without turkey burgers, hard boiled eggs and ground turkey. Protein keeps my energy levels high, my anxiety levels low and keeps me full longer. If I'm traveling, I'll even take a turkey burger with me to-go! 

Q: Favorite cheat meal?

My favorite cheat meal is a 5th grade birthday party. Pizza and ice cream baby!! If I am getting really specific I love thin hot oil pizza and FROYO (tart with dark chocolate chips and coconut shavings). 

Q: 3 daily non-negotiables?

5 minute journal every morning and night, magnesium before bed, at least 20 minutes of movement dedicated to myself every day. 

Q: Most-loved IVL style?

The Active Legging paired with the One Shoulder Bra (black of course!) The active leggings are beyond comfortable and hit in all the right places with the perfect amount of stretch. The one shoulder bra...I mean...mic drop. 

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